When should you hire your first admin, and what should they do for you?

As I’ve been speaking with the agents in my market center, the biggest question that has come up is, “When do I hire an admin, and what should they be doing for me?”

Without assistance, most individual agents reach their ceiling at around 36 transactions. As an individual, the agent works as both the agent and the admin in their business, meaning that they’re responsible for all of their client care, finding and showing homes, putting listings on the market, doing paperwork, following up, building all their systems, and so on. Once they reach the point between 24 and 36 transactions, this can get overwhelming.

“The admin will be in charge of taking care of all your backend systems.”

It’s at that point that you should begin looking for your first hire: the admin. As an agent, you’re responsible for taking care of all your clients’ needs, finding them homes, pricing their houses, and answering all their questions. The admin will be in charge of taking care of all your backend systems like your lead generation systems, your database, sending out mailers, cultivating social media presence, transaction coordination, your listing management, and other tasks that you as an agent don’t have the time to do on your own. Hiring an admin should buy you around an additional 24 transactions, meaning with their help, you should be able to close about 60 transactions before you make your second hire.

If you have any questions about when or how to hire your admin, reach out to me. I would love to meet with you.

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